Hillary holds a fire sale

Pay-to-play is alive and well with Hillary Clinton, now that she's charging $2,375.95 a pop to hear her pitch her new book for sale called What Happened.

Two thousand bucks?  To hear her shill a book you could order just as easily on Amazon if you really wanted it?  Seems she hasn't changed a bit from her glory days shaking down donations for the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favors.  Back then, she was charging between $1 million and $5 million a head for access to Herself and her State Department from any gamy player with the bucks to shell out – sultans, emirs, oligarchs, goons.  They all had money that was welcome, and the Clinton Foundation rolled in the dough as she sold the State Department.

That was her zenith, an upward progression from her salad days of selling White House access through coffees and nights in the Lincoln bedroom, which she sold earlier for the same access to herself and her political favors.

It's characterized Hillary Clinton's political career from the get-go.

This calls to mind that at a mere $2,000 a pop, Hillary seems to be holding a fire sale, especially since the ticket, at least in Canada, covers places for two people.  Without an office to sell and favors to dispense, she shrinks precipitously in her price to the public.  It must be some sort of humiliation, since she's always for sale for something – to go from $5 million to a lousy $2,000 is enough to make one throw an ashtray.  It's tough times when you are shilling very little of value.

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