Pamela Geller is ba-a-a-ck on YouTube and better than ever!

Proving that you can't silence a good woman, YouTube has reinstated Pamela Geller to its channel.

As noted on this blog a couple of days ago:

A major video archive created by one of the leading critics of creeping sharia has disappeared from YouTube, which functions as a de facto standard reference library for video content in the digital age.

Ah, but Pamela Geller has the clue when she answers her own question.  "Why?  Ask the leftist authoritarians."  Like Trump, Geller goes against the liberal-leftist narrative dominating popular culture – in her case, the truth about Muslim acts and goals.  And the certainly non-diverse and definitely non-inclusive leftist authoritarians cannot include diverse opinions on their platforms.  So she was deleted.  Disappeared.  Poof!

But her followers remained.  As Geller writes, thanking her fans: 

First and foremost, let me thank every reader, supporter, and lover of freedom for tweeting, sharing, emailing, calling and faxing (yes, faxing) YouTube, urging them to reinstate my account. Thousands of you – YOU did it.

I had appealed the termination, but they rejected my appeal. ...

My account was terminated because of a 2014 video entitled, "Al Qaeda and Islamic State flags in London's tunnels." The video shows jihadis displaying al Qaeda and Islamic state flags on one of London's tunnels (see this). So telling the truth gets your account terminated at YouTube.

Yes, as stated, she went against the popular liberal-leftist narrative by telling the truth!  And offering proof!  The leftist authoritarians can't allow such freedom of speech that disagrees with leftist authoritarian delusion – that's reserved only for some knee-bending athletes and their leftist authoritarian fans going against those they deem inferior.  

So enjoy Geller's channel and also peruse Geller's YouTube appearances, including the Islamic state flags in London's tunnels, which video, at the moment, has not returned to her channel. 

Hopefully the YouTube leftist authoritarian powers that be are finally beginning to realize that antagonizing their diverse customer base by attempting to silence them has consequences.