Taking a knee for evil

The Dems have always stayed in power by keeping the black man and woman down.  Up until Martin Luther King, it was Jim Crow.  Then came the Great Society to make welfare a way of life and remove the mission of men in the community – to take care of it and their families – and hook them on the culture of poverty.  The black family survived 250 years of slavery, 100 years of segregation, but was destroyed by 50 years of liberalism – of, for instance, Maxine Waters.

For the Dems, poverty = power.

The last thing Dems want is a prosperous, independent black community.  What is in that for them?  For visualization, Maxine is the poster child.  As a black liberal, she hates black achievement.  That is why she hates Ben Carson.  He scares her.  If Ben Carson is right, where does that leave her career of getting rich by selling out her constituents?

By supporting BLM, the NFL is promoting the poverty racket.  Black people hate the police.  How do the MSM know?  They interview the perps.  How about interviewing the mothers?  Do you know where young kids in rough neighborhoods play?  In front of the police station.

Want to keep from getting shot by the police?  Don't attack them.  It is as simple as that.  The police have two missions:

  1. To keep order.
  2. To go home to the spouse and kids.

Between the police and the citizen, it is not meant to be a fair fight.  You don't make your case in the street.  You make it in front of the judge.  Then you also go home alive.

It is the perps versus the mothers.  The NFL has chosen the perps because it is stylish.  And they don't have the stones to support backup for the moms.  Easier to take a knee for evil.

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