Hillary's new book: 'It Takes a Pillage'

There's an old saying: "I don't care what you think of me, just as long as you think of me!"  Nobody – not even Donald J. Trump – takes to heart that sentiment more sincerely than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Contemplative strolls in the woodlands of Chappaqua may impress her Earth-conscious fans, but Hillary could never linger in a forest where she cannot see the political trees.  If she did, there might be the chance of her being forgotten. So within months after her unexpected, disastrous presidential defeat, Hillary's publicists at Simon and Schuster began spoon-feeding the public advanced tidbits of her new, then unreleased book, in which the readers were guaranteed to discover buckets of blame raining down like pearls of exoneration. One of the first things we notice is that the title of the book, What Happened, is not a question.  Instead, it is a statement, based presumably on a postmortem of the apocalypse that...(Read Full Post)