Would you answer a telephone poll?

The media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) are still baffled by Hillary's lousy polling last year, because a lot of money and a lot of reputations are at stake. 

There's one obvious answer they never consider.  Hillary's polling was totally misleading because Trump voters don't answer cold calls from anonymous pollsters.  Would you?  I wouldn't. 

So all the Democrats, whipped up by the media, gave happy-face answers, and they were all told that this was Hillary's time.  Conservatives don't believe in entitled identity groups – "now is the time for cross-dressing reverse lesbians to be president!"  That's all infantile nonsense, and the people who believe in it are ignorant beyond belief. 

We know exactly what that pollster on the phone wants to know.  I don't even let them get beyond the first few words.  Those are nuisance calls, and I have work to do.  Most of us believe they are corrupt liars, and they keep proving it to us.  We have met the enemy, and it is The Left. 

So why answer lying pollsters? 

I don't.  Do you? 

Hillary has now blamed everybody except herself.  That fact by itself shows who and what she is, and who and what her voters are. 

We want nothing to do with them, and if our rejection of their polling calls screws up their numbers, so much the better.