Frau Dummkopf not safe yet

The big initial winner in Sunday's German election has to be Britain's Theresa May.  German voters gave a huge majority to the parties on the right, all of whom largely despise the E.U. and the shabby way their bureaucrats have treated Brexit.  Look for a much easier process now for the Brits. The big losers were the socialist SDP party, with traditional European leftist parties becoming all but irrelevant in 21st-century politics, and individually, Frau Dummkopf, as I call her – Angela Merkel.  The big vote for the new conservative party, the Alternative for Deutschland, is almost completely a result of former Christian Democrats leaving their party for AfD in protest of her disastrous immigration and environmental policies.  Before Merkel came along, Germany's Christian Democrats were the one European party most like Ronald Reagan's Republicans – unashamedly pro-market, pro-defense, and pro-life.  But Merkel has repeatedly...(Read Full Post)