The Trump arcana

Donald Trump is perhaps the most visible and discussed person in the world today, and yet his presidency and his politics remain a mystery to most both here and (especially) abroad.

This paradox is heightened by the apparent fact that Mr. Trump is one of the bluntest and seemingly least transparent political figures in U.S. history – a man who in the hours between night and day tweets short, emotional "let it all hang out" messages for all to read.

These attributes caused virtually every political observer to dismiss his candidacy at the outset of the presidential campaign, then to belittle his chances of winning after his unlikely nomination, and now for his legion of opponents to be confident that he is unfit for office.

After verbal blunders, initial chaotic office management,  abrupt personnel changes, and unprecedented disruption of the American political environment, he is still here, still the center of attention, and seemingly getting politically stronger each passing day.

I think it will take quite a bit of time before most of us can fathom this man and why his persona and his manner continue to have so much impact on his country and now the whole world.

A few of those who came to support him have noted his historic achievements and his role in modern politics, but even they cannot truly "explain" him. 

In recent days, more and more of those who oppose and dislike Trump seem to be coming to realize that he is, and that he is up to, more than they thought he was.  They do not like him more, or even agree with him more, but there now seems a growing appreciation that they have chronically underestimated him.

Those who did not underestimate him remain at  a loss for the person beneath the tuft of forehead hair and behind the churning bravado.  The explainers and the biographers will come later.  Urgent events, confrontations, and political dilemmas lie ahead for Donald Trump.  As he meets them, more of his arcana will be revealed.

Until then, the show goes on.