The new Hollywood terror

Hollywood is running in fear.  Fear of a kind not seen since the years of the '50s witch hunt.  In the past few days, filmmakers have confessed that there is one national leader they dare not deal with in their pictures. This is a ruler notorious for his loudness, his crudity, and his boastfulness, who has cast a sinister aura across the world scene.  Who has acted as a disturbing influence on international relations since taking office under questionable circumstances. That's right – the film world refuses to acknowledge Vladimir Putin. At least two upcoming films have written Putin out of storylines in which he originally played a large role.  Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is a thriller involving a Russian double-agent.  Putin, although playing "a key role in the book," was eliminated from the script as a "creative choice."  Of course he was. Kursk is a based on a true story involving...(Read Full Post)