America's richest poverty pimps are ... poverty pimps

Thomas Sowell once said, "You can have all the poverty you'd like to pay for."

Apparently, the left has a ravenous appetite for that.

Out of all the groups that Did Well under the Obama administration, one stands out, according to a new Daily Caller News Foundation investigation: the top officials of anti-poverty groups that take very large amounts of government money.

They're up against tough competition: Educational administrators, insurance company executives, welfare cheats, Washington D.C. real estate agents, civil servants, laid off workers who claim to have 'bad backs,' GoogleFacebookAmazon hipsters, Solar and Wind power elites, Obamaphone beneficiaries, health care executives, city pension fund administrators, sudden millionaire legislators, and the occasional cop killer. They've all done well in the Obama years and have little need for a rising economy that can lift all boats. They're doing great under Obama's brand of socialism. But none perhaps as well as those who have been at this game longer and anyone, the poverty pimps.

That's people who benefit from the government's largesse to serve the poor - and serve themselves heaping helpings first.

Daily Caller found: 

Top officials with 14 anti-poverty nonprofits were paid as much as $869,900 as their organizations were enriched with $900 million of taxpayer money, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (TheDCNF) Investigative Group has found.

The activist groups received as much as 85 percent of their revenue from federal, state and local governments and collectively spent millions on lobbying, TheDCNF’s analysis found. Also, half of the charities’ CEOs made political contributions – nearly all of which was to Democratic candidates.

The report also notes that these groups donate almost exclusively to Democrats, a sweet one-hand-washes-the-other deal as Democrats buttress their campaigns.

Poverty for dollars is nothing new, but it seems to have reached new heights under Obama. You can bet it's not just the presidents and CEOs of these companies who are raking in big dollars for their do-nothing jobs. Of what value-added could the president of the Urban League be adding in exchange for his $800,000-something salary? Name some poverty pocket they've "helped" that is no longer a poverty pocket? These things just don't happen because all of these poverty groups have an interest in maintaining the status quo - to ensure the funds keep coming. 

And does the massive largesse from Uncle Sam serve as a barrier between these pocket-liners and the people they purport to represent, making them fat and lazy and unconcerned with the interests of ordinary people because they're already rolling in bucks and have no need to respond to smalltime donors? This was something noted well in Silvio Canto's American Thinker piece two days ago, describing the shenanigans at La Raza. Protestors in Los Angeles have attempted to make the same point against Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat who lives in a vast mansion in tony Hancock Park while purporting to represent the urban poor.

As the swamp gets drained by President Trump, there's a new fat juicy target just waitiing there for new legislation about funds distribution. Legislators can now look at salaries of these so-called poverty officials as well as results - and start yanking dollars and forcing these people to do something productive.

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