America's richest poverty pimps are ... poverty pimps

Thomas Sowell once said, "You can have all the poverty you'd like to pay for." Apparently, the left has a ravenous appetite for that. Out of all the groups that Did Well under the Obama administration, one stands out, according to a new Daily Caller News Foundation investigation: the top officials of anti-poverty groups that take very large amounts of government money. They're up against tough competition: Educational administrators, insurance company executives, welfare cheats, Washington D.C. real estate agents, civil servants, laid off workers who claim to have 'bad backs,' GoogleFacebookAmazon hipsters, Solar and Wind power elites, Obamaphone beneficiaries, health care executives, city pension fund administrators, sudden millionaire legislators, and the occasional cop killer. They've all done well in the Obama years and have little need for a rising economy that can lift all boats. They're doing great under Obama's brand of socialism....(Read Full Post)