Poll: Hillary still less popular than Trump

The narrative developed by Democrats about the election is steeped in myth.  In their fractured universe, the only reason Donald Trump became president is because the Russians stole the election for him. Russian "hacking" may or may not have occurred.  But even if it did, what impact did it have on the vote?  Polls show that revelations in Clinton emails and the emails from the DNC had very little effect on the way people voted.  Hillary's lead over Trump did not waver in the months leading up to election day, no matter what "news" was made by leaked emails or Trump's major-league gaffes. A new poll out by Bloomberg shows that even after six months of relentless biased, negative coverage of the president, Hillary Clinton is still less popular than Donald Trump. CBS News: Bloomberg found that just 39 percent of Americans view Clinton favorably – that's two points lower than Mr. Trump. And over a fifth of her...(Read Full Post)