The media are declaring Trump a loser

Trump has been in office for six months, and the media and others who have been trashing him continuously are declaring him a loser.

They focus on the fictional Russian collusion and ignore his many reductions of regulations, including getting rid of the garbage Paris agreement.

Trump is 100% better than Hillary, Obama, and most Republicans in office.  His Cabinet is tremendously conservative.  He picked an outstanding Supreme Court judge.  He is cleaning up the VA and is working hard to get rid of ISIS.  He has opened pipelines and done other things to increase oil production and keep prices down.  He has reached a trade deal on beef with China and is working to help Europe reduce its dependency on Russia for energy.  We finally have a president who is attempting to make other countries fulfill their NATO obligations.  He is cooperating with Muslim countries to reduce terrorism.  He also is trying to obey his oath of office to enforce immigration laws, in contrast with Obama.

Trump has had to do most things on his own, since the bureaucrats in D.C., the media, and career politicians are busy trying to protect the power they have amassed.  Trump is trying to return power, freedom, and money to the people, where it belongs.

The problem is that there are many RINOs like McCain, Graham, and Collins, who enjoy media attention when they go against Trump. 

It is pathetic that after only six months of pure trashing by the media and pure obstructionism by the Democrats, instead of being honest about what he has done, they declare him a loser.

Why aren't the media ripping Democrats for their pure obstructionist behavior the way they went after Republicans when they sometimes opposed Obama?