Poll: Hillary still less popular than Trump

The narrative developed by Democrats about the election is steeped in myth.  In their fractured universe, the only reason Donald Trump became president is because the Russians stole the election for him.

Russian "hacking" may or may not have occurred.  But even if it did, what impact did it have on the vote?  Polls show that revelations in Clinton emails and the emails from the DNC had very little effect on the way people voted.  Hillary's lead over Trump did not waver in the months leading up to election day, no matter what "news" was made by leaked emails or Trump's major-league gaffes.

A new poll out by Bloomberg shows that even after six months of relentless biased, negative coverage of the president, Hillary Clinton is still less popular than Donald Trump.

CBS News:

Bloomberg found that just 39 percent of Americans view Clinton favorably – that's two points lower than Mr. Trump. And over a fifth of her own 2016 voters view her unfavorably. But Bloomberg also reported that those Clinton voters said that their negative views of the 2016 Democratic nominee were not related to her election loss. They appear largely to be more concerned that Democrats have not settled on the best way to approach 2018 – and 2020.

The figure was Clinton's second-lowest score since Bloomberg began tracking the former presidential candidate in 2009.

Pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey, told Bloomberg that there's a "growing discontent with Hillary Clinton as she has largely stayed out of the spotlight." Clinton has popped up sporadically for select speaking engagements, often taking on Mr. Trump in speeches and through Twitter, but has largely kept out of sight from major politics since her November loss.

Selzer adds that the poor numbers, however, don't reflect negatively on the party as a whole – other Democrats are polling well. Similar to her performance in the 2016 campaign, Clinton was viewed favorably by just 35 percent of men, compared with 43 percent of women voters. 

This comes as a national ABC/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed that Mr. Trump's disapproval rating jumped to 58 percent, findings that Mr. Trump directly addressed on Twitter.

Trump will always have high negative numbers – or at least as long as the national media keep driving the "Russians stole the election" theme.  But elections are about choices.  And it's clear even at this point that the people would still almost certainly choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. 

The Russians didn't beat Hillary.  Nor did the weather on election day, nor angry white men, nor mesmerized evangelicals, nor a lack of minority turnout.  Overriding all of those excuses is the bare reality that people didn't like Hillary Clinton then, and they don't like her now. 

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

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