Health care fantasyland

The New York Times, aka the paper that will defend Obama's legacy down to the last executive order, has attacked the GOP Senate over its health care vote.  This is a bit of the editorial: The details are complicated, but most Americans understand that these proposals would be incredibly cruel and needlessly devastating, which is why polls have shown that few people support the partisan repeal effort.  A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found just 28 percent supported the Senate bill to repeal and replace the A.C.A., while 71 percent wanted Republicans and Democrats to work together to improve the law. The Times regrets the lack of bipartisanship and what it refers to as "the travesty." First of all, I've been looking all morning for an editorial from 2009-10 condemning the partisanship of Democrats in passing the ACA.  I cannot find any.  Perhaps they meant to print it and forgot about...(Read Full Post)