Asset forfeiture? Let's start with Bernie Sanders

The left-wing press is braying about seizing the assets of Jared Kushner, who's committed no crime, all because he forgot to disclose an asset on one of his many bureaucratic forms.  How about seizing the assets of socialist millionaire Bernie Sanders, whose wife committed fraud?

Somehow the media avoid Bernie's family fraud like the plague.  Can anyone imagine if a Republican had this same offense?  Well, yes we can – we have seen what they are up to with Kushner.

Why don't the Republicans recommend seizing assets from people who got some of their assets dishonestly, such as millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders, who got some of his assets because of his wife's high salary while she was committing fraud and while her university was receiving taxpayer funds, at least in the form of student loans and aid, or whatever it was?  There were all sorts of violations she either did or is being investigated for, and the pair of them profited handsomely, as their many real estate holdings show.

How many houses do you need, Bernie?

It's not just Bernie, by the way.  How about seizing the assets of Hillary Clinton, too, where a substantial amount of her wealth came from the spike in speaking fees for Bill Clinton from foreign countries, including Russia, seeking favors after Hillary became commander in chief (can you say "kickbacks"?)?

Instead, you are willing to seize assets from a relative of Trump who left information off a form.

That's rich from the left.

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