Delusional thinking on the homeless in Austin, Texas

Yet another Big Plan is set to founder on the rocks of human nature in a blue city.  Austin, Texas may be America's fastest rising Mecca for young, hip, hi-tech folk, with its university; fast growing tech community; and music, film, and art scene.  But along with ambitious professionals, the city is drawing two other groups: tourists and the homeless. Now, in a bizarre plan, the city's mayor, Steve Adler, wants to link the latter two groups in what he thinks is a symbiotic relationship that will actually become a case of parasitism that kills the host over time. KXAN-TV, NBC Austin, describes Mayor Adler's plan: Monday morning,  Mayor Adler will lay out a plan that could reshape the east side of Austin's downtown for the future. Adler, along with various community partners, will describe a massive development program meant to increase tourism to the city. Money generated from those tourists will help pay for permanent homeless housing and the...(Read Full Post)