Having a cow over giving the Russians their stuff back

The left is having a cow over President Trump's move to give the Russians their vacation houses, expropriated away by President Obama in a sudden snit at the tail-end of his term over Russian spying, or rather, Hillary Clinton losing the election.  That was back in December 2016, when Obama threw out some 35 dishwashers and other low-level Russian embassy and consular personnel, claiming that Russians had hacked the election.

Yeah, let's give the Kremlin its high-value covert SIGINT bases in the US back. That's what patriots would do. https://t.co/Z1wGzvqhuu

— John Schindler (@20committee) July 14, 2017

SIGINT bases?  As if we don't have those aimed at Russia, too?  Seems a little involved to have a "base" in any case.

Actually, it seems like a decent thing to do, given that the embassy people pretty well had nothing to do with any of the claimed hacking, collusion, or whatever else are the bad things the Russians were supposed to have done to cause Wisconsin voters to shun Hillary Clinton and vote for the Republican.  The two vacation houses, one in Maryland, the other on Long Island, have been Russian property for decades.  That Obama expropriated them just showed that Obama was more Marxist on the concept of property rights than even the former communist country.

It sounds like the sort of thing Russia may have asked President Trump to do during his recent visit with President Putin as the two nations sought to thaw out relations after the damage done by the ignoramuses and amateurs of the "reset" crowd embedded in the Obama administration.

Some questions here: With the left being all concerned about the Russians using their vacation compounds for supposed spying on the U.S., are leftists saying the Russians are spyless without those properties?  That they can't send a few ships off our coast to do the same job?  Do they like Russian ships off our coast instead of vacation compounds on our shores?  Do they understand how Russians work?

Second question: With all this espionage and collusion and hacking going on, courtesy of those two vacation compounds, where was President Obama during all those eight years in the White House, worried sick the Russians might use their vacation houses for spying on Washington?  Why the action just 72 months into his presidency instead of, maybe, four or something?  Why the alarm about espionage in the last weeks of his second term?

Third question: Since when has the left ever been concerned about Russian espionage?

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