Trump vs. the 'sleep experts'

The June 1 front page of USA Today has a headline: "Trump Garble has Sleep Experts Atwitter."  It is amazing how much research the media will do when they are out to trash a politician and how little they will do when they support a candidate and agenda. Every time Hillary speaks, the media should worry about sleep deprivation and mental capacity.  She seems to think she won the presidency and that somehow violating the nation's security laws for four years is "the biggest nothingburger ever."  Can anyone imagine the media almost universally supporting a presidential candidate who had so little respect for the laws of the United States and her oath to uphold the laws? The media should also call out psychiatrists to analyze Maxine Waters every time she talks.  Somehow she believes that Russia attacked Korea instead of Crimea.  The sad part is that the media consider Waters a good guest as long as she trashes Trump. We...(Read Full Post)