The termites are scurrying to the shadows

Kathy Griffin didn't act alone when she posted that picture of herself with a bloodied disembodied Trump head, and now her cohorts are scurrying to the shadows like termites.

There were likely hundreds of people involved, starting with the photographer, Tyler Shields, and ending with the Hollywood and New York leftist elites she hangs around with who have no problem with bashing Trump in any fashion.  You can probably add to this list the thousands of liberals who actually thought it was funny until it wasn't.

First, somebody had to have made the head.  I can't imagine that Kathy was up all night playing with finger paints and papier-mâché.  With head in hand, she likely was showing it off to all her Trump-hating friends and entourage, who, as like-minded leftists, were laughing their heads off.

Next, the picture was likely taken at a photography studio.  Studios are busy places, and when there's a celebrity shoot, you will find a team of assistants on set before, during, and in post-production.  It is unlikely that any of these folks looked at what was going on and spoke up, pointing out that maybe this is going a wee bit too far.  After all, Trump is vulgar, despicable, and insensitive, so there's no reason to think they can't be, too.

With pictures in hand, Griffin certainly showed them around.  That's what "comedians" like her do.  They don't just blurt out a new joke on stage.  They test the waters first.  In this case, everyone she showed the picture to would have agreed that it's perfect and she should post it.  Trump won the election but lost his head.  Funny, right?

Here's where she went wrong: 100% of her friends, coworkers, and associates think Trump should be removed from office by any means necessary, including, apparently, by public beheading, and replaced by Hillary Clinton.

The community Griffin belongs to thinks there is nothing wrong with putting a crucifix into a jar of urine and calling it art, so a bloody Trump head is just another leftist statement protected by the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, and Eleventh Amendment, or whatever.

If the supposed comedienne had even one conservative or Republican in her circle, that lowly person might have said, "What if that were an Obama head?  Would it still be funny?"  Of course, the answer would be "No!  That's racist, disgusting, evil, or just wrong."  If it's wrong to hold a severed head of one president, why isn't it wrong to do it with any president?  What if it was a Coptic Christian's head held by a sword-wielding Muslim with his face covered by a scarf?  Is that okay?  We won't wait for an answer to that question.

Unfortunately for Ms. Griffin, she must now stand alone and take the punishment while her hundreds of fellow Trump haters, who are probably still not entirely sure what the problem is, scurry back into their dark places like termites and watch.

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