Trump vs. the 'sleep experts'

The June 1 front page of USA Today has a headline: "Trump Garble has Sleep Experts Atwitter."  It is amazing how much research the media will do when they are out to trash a politician and how little they will do when they support a candidate and agenda.

Every time Hillary speaks, the media should worry about sleep deprivation and mental capacity.  She seems to think she won the presidency and that somehow violating the nation's security laws for four years is "the biggest nothingburger ever."  Can anyone imagine the media almost universally supporting a presidential candidate who had so little respect for the laws of the United States and her oath to uphold the laws?

The media should also call out psychiatrists to analyze Maxine Waters every time she talks.  Somehow she believes that Russia attacked Korea instead of Crimea.  The sad part is that the media consider Waters a good guest as long as she trashes Trump.

We may need to analyze the top Democrat in the land, Nancy Pelosi, because she seems to think that Bush is still president.  She may be reverting.

Of course, Nancy also quoted Martin Luther Sing and has thought for a long time that you must pass bills to see what is in them instead of reading them first.  At least the leading Democrat didn't make a typo late at night, because I am sure USA Today and other media outlets would have considered that serious.

Maybe the sleep experts could analyze how Obama was able to just disappear the night of September 11, 2012 when Americans were under attack.  Somehow, he was able to just go to bed.  Of course, we don't know what he actually did that night, because the media and Democrats never cared.  I do believe that Obama and Hillary must have had a mental fart that night, because they blamed a video when everyone knew that it was terrorism.  Maybe they and their staff were sleep-talking when they came up with that fictional story.  Letting people die, lying about it to the public and the family, and saying before Congress that at this point what does it matter (under that thought process, no murder should ever be investigated because the victim is already dead) why they died must be another big nothingburger to Hillary.  

Maybe the media should have worried in 2008 about Obama's mental capacity and sleep problems when he said he had visited 57 states and had one to go.  That "one to go" was Alaska and Hawaii.  I wonder why they weren't worried about him starting a war when he didn't even have any idea how many states there are and that two does not equal one.  Of course, the media continually let him tell the story that everyone would be able to keep their health plans and doctor and that costs would go down substantially when it was obviously not true.

Maybe the sleep experts should be called out to see why reporters in unison just repeat what they are told about climate change and Russia or any other Democrat talking points despite so many things being provably false.  Maybe the media might wake up some day to see that a president targeting political opponents by spying and unmasking their names is extremely dangerous and illegal.  It would have been so much better if Trump, his staff, and his family had taken kickbacks from Russia for uranium instead of talking to Russians.

Thank goodness for Trump.  It appears we have a president who will actually abide by his oath and try to reduce the power of the ever oppressive and greedy Washington establishment.

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