Mueller staffs up to pursue obstruction of justice

"Personnel is policy" is an old truism that applies to the staffing decisions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Jonathan Turley, an esteemed constitutional scholar who is an honest liberal, examines a telling hire, Michael Dreeben, a deputy in the solicitor general's office.  Dreeben, Turley informs us, argued to the Supreme Court for an expansive interpretation of obstruction of justice, one that would blur intent.  The details are technical, and Professor Turley's explanation is characteristically lucid.  He sums it up at the end with a vivid analogy: Dreeben's selection is a lot like seeing an opposing kingdom hiring designers of seige [sic] or breaching towers in the Middle Ages. It is hard not to assume that they are meant to overcome your walls of defense.  Indeed, from the perspective of defense counsel, bringing in Dreeben at this point is like sitting outside of the Trump castle building a breaching tower...(Read Full Post)