Seven-year-old girl wants to hug a cop in all 50 states

Sometimes, it's hard not to get depressed about events unfolding around us.  Partisan hate, scheming politicians, crony capitalists, implacable terrorists, and loony lefties all conspire to instill a sense of dread when we peruse the news every morning.

But every once in a while, an inspiring story comes to our attention that temporarily banishes feelings of desolation and gives us hope that all is not lost – that what we are fighting for is good and just and that the world will be better if we prevail.

Seven-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin of Hammond, Louisiana is on an epic mission of courage and love.  She plans to hug a police officer in all 50 states. 

Her reason is as simple and pure as only a child can fathom.

Chicago Sun-Times:

"I'm here to hug the police officers," Rosalyn Baldwin told reporters gathered at the scene. "Because of what they've done for us … some people are, like, mean to them and I want to make them feel better."

Rosalyn walked through a swarm of reporters, occasionally hugging one by accident, before finding her intended targets.

The bit of positive media comes on the heels of a warm weekend in which six people were killed and at least 37 others were wounded in shootings across the city.

Rosalyn, unable to hug mounted officers on their horses, blew them kisses.

Mounted Officer Robin Popelka was touched by the girl's kindness.

"It's wonderful, such a brave young little girl who cares so much to travel so far and share love with us and let us know that we are loved," she said.

What motivated Rosalyn to travel the country hugging cops?

Rosalyn's mother, Angie Baldwin, said Rosalyn began asking to go around the country to hug cops after she learned that six officers had been shot in Baton Rouge last year – three fatally – and saw protests against police roil parts of the country.

"She'd tell me, 'just because there's one bad apple in the bunch doesn't mean the whole bunch needs to be thrown out," Baldwin recalled.

And a child shall lead them.

"She said, 'Momma, I prayed and God told me I need to hug all the officers," Baldwin said.

"I said, "Can we maybe send some post cards?' But then I realized I was lessening her mission and I shouldn't do that."

"I have to practice what I preach," she said.

All of us can be pretty cynical at times, especially when it comes to kids and politics.  Our children have been manipulated and used as props in political theater, not to mention the constant invocation of their well-being by politicians who want us to spend this or enact that "for the children."

It's difficult to see where there's any artifice involved in Rosalyn's courageous kindness.  In case you were wondering, at least part of her trip is being financed through a GoFundMe page.  She has raised about $4,000 of her modest goal of $7,000.  She's going to need more than that to travel to all 50 states.  I urge you to post to your Facebook and other social media pages, urging everyone to donate.

And Rosalyn, hug a cop for me, please.

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