At colleges, the inmates are running the asylum

King of Hearts was a wonderful French film in 1966.  Set at the end of World War I, a Scottish soldier mistakenly identified as an explosives expert is sent to a small French town to defuse a bomb left by the retreating Germans.  But the town's inhabitants have all fled, leaving open the gates to the local insane asylum.  The inmates have fled the asylum and taken over the roles of the townspeople.  Coming from the fields of war, the soldier has no reason to suspect that these interlopers are not who they pretend to be.  This scenario, to a point, is a perfect analogy for what has become of  our college campuses: the student inmates have taken over the asylum and are making a mockery of American university education.  The inmates – the pampered, brainwashed students who from childhood have been told they are both "special" and victims of one oppressive group or another, or that they are guilty of having...(Read Full Post)