Americans should join the anti-sharia protests across the country Saturday

On Saturday, June 10, there will be a march in many parts of the country against the imposition of sharia law in America and for human rights in general, particularly for women.  You will not hear any advance notice – unlike with leftist marches – from the impartial, objective journalists in the media, because that would increase awareness of and participation in the march.  If the press were to pay attention at all, it would dish out bad publicity and call the marches racist, homophobic, etc. etc., and the people who might otherwise do the announcing all desperately want the liberal media to like them.  And don't count on the corrupt East Coast establishment Republicans or their publications such as National Review. 

To be sure, this is not a march to demand security by demanding that immigration from Muslim pigsty countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, and others end.  Nor is it to protest the crimes committed by many Muslim immigrants such as the rape of a child by a Sudanese savage, nor the mass murder of gays in Orlando by an Afghani, nor the gang rape of an elderly woman by five Iraqis,  nor the rape of a five-year-old Idaho girl by three Iraqi and Sudanese refugees who urinated on the child after raping her, nor even the crime committed by some of the endless Somali savages who commit such crimes, perhaps because they are frustrated on having to learn to use toilets, a high-tech device to many of them, the very Somalis who are being forced on our communities by liberal bureaucrats.  No, this march is narrowly focused on preventing sharia law from being implemented by some of our enlightened and progressive liberal bureaucrats.  And that's good, too.  This is a war, and, as in all wars, there are many fronts.

But here is the problem, one I have fulminated about for a long time, one that I have condemned, ridiculed, and insulted conservatives about – and for which I make no apologies – and it is that most of them do nothing in this war.  When hearing about some atrocity committed by a communist, Muslim, or antifa, or some leftists physically attacking a libertarian or conservative speaker, or some local politician forwarding the politically correct agenda, they simply mutter, "Isn't that awful?"; scratch their rear ends; and stay inside their homes like hermit crabs, doing nothing.

Scott Presler, the organizer of the event, agreed with me recently, stating, "Conservatives don't participate!  We conservatives are terrible at getting our message out there!"

Well, on June 10, you can actually leave your shell and participate.  Act For America has put up ( a website where you can take part in 25 cities in America.  Even if you are not in the city itself, you can drive there.  They are:

Arizona: Phoenix

Arkansas: Batesfield

California: Roseville, San Bernardino, Santa Clara

Connecticut: Waterbury

Florida: Orlando

Georgia: Atlanta

Illinois: Chicago

Indianda: Indianapolis

Kansas: Wichita

Michigan: Lansing

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Missouri: St. Charles, Kansas City

New York: Syracuse, New York City

North Carolina: Raleigh

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg

Texas: Dallas, Houston, The People's Democratic Republic of Austin

Virginia: Virginia Beach

Washington: Seattle

Considering how big this country is and how many large cities there are, this is a small list, but it is a start.  The question is, is the march going to be by a handful of poor, dedicated souls who love their country and want to protect their women, or will it be inspirational?

It won't even cost you a nickel to participate. So what's your excuse for not doing your part?

Armando Simón is a retired college professor and is the author of A Cuban from Kansas, Very Peculiar Stories, and The U.  They can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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