You've got to know when to bow

President Trump did not bow when greeted by the Saudi king after touching down in Saudi Arabia.  That he stood tall and proud was entirely proper, but a probable state visit to the U.K. later this year may present an opportunity to bow to one of the few world leaders who deserve the honor. It's nice to see the president standing upright as he projects American strength on his first major overseas trip.  It's a stark contrast to President Obama, who enjoyed bowing to foreign leaders, literally and figuratively.   First it was the Saudi king; then he showed deference to Russia's Putin (remember when Democrats viewed Russia benignly?).  He was even supplicant to the emperor of Japan.   Yet when President and Mrs. Obama visited someone who sincerely cares about America, they offered no bows or curtsies.   Instead, Queen Elizabeth II got a cheeky gift and, contravening protocol, an improper pat on the back. Perhaps the one...(Read Full Post)