Obama dead-enders still infest Trump White House - and hide Hillary emails

In an interview with Judicial Watch's president, Tom Fitton, the Daily Caller is reporting that Obama holdovers still populate the White House, and these minions are doing their darndest to hide and conceal Hillary Clinton's emails from Judicial Watch inquiries. That's obstruction of justice, made opaque through the pretense of incompetence.

Citizens, [Fitton] declared, “don’t have to take it from the politicians. They work for you. You don’t work for them.”

The whole point is relevant because President Trump did say he would pursue justice in the case of Hillary Clinton's illegal private server case. But it's also relevant because of the hysteria coming from Democrats on the claims of Russian spying. The Hillary emails could go a long to providing perspective on who was really in bed with the Russians given Clinton's uranium sales to the Russians as well as other concessions offered.

Right now, as the Daily Caller dryly notes, the only spying that has been provably going on in this ongoing political crisis is that of the Obama administation officials on Trump campaign staff. It was illegal of course and Clinton's emails may shed great light on the story.

What are the Obama holdouts still in the White House really hiding?

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