Why conservatives should support raising the gasoline tax

On May 1, President Trump mentioned that he might be willing to support raising the gasoline and diesel tax to pay for infrastructure improvements.  Bloomberg News reports: "It's something that I would certainly consider," Trump said Monday in an interview with Bloomberg News in the Oval Office, describing the idea as supported by truckers "if we earmarked money toward the highways." However, the next day, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, tried to quash Trump's openness on this issue.  He told Fox Business that the current rate of taxation would be sufficient if certain other changes were enacted. In contrast to this "conservative" defender of taxpayers, the lobbyists for those who would pay the tax actually favor raising its rate, so long as the revenue really goes toward improving the roads.  For example, in 2015, the American Automobile Association and the American Trucking...(Read Full Post)