Reliable sources for the Washington Post

The Washington Post ran an opinion piece by one of Obamacare's architects, Jonathan Gruber, saying the reason Obamacare is broken and that so many insurance companies are dropping out is Trump. 

Professor Gruber surely knows that insurance companies have been losing money and dropping out prior to anything Trump has done because of the law itself that he and the Democrats wrote. 

Gruber blaming Trump for Obamacare's failures parallels Hillary blaming everyone but herself and her policies for her loss.

Gruber is the guy who, a few years ago, bragged about how much the Democrats lied to get Obamacare passed and how stupid the American people were to believe them. 

Basically, as long as anyone is trashing Trump, the WaPo will run the story.  It does not matter how willing those people have been to lie in the past. 

We can all look forward to additional WaPo opinion pieces:

  • Bill Clinton writing an article about the importance of fidelity and family. 
  • Hillary Clinton will author a piece about how everyone should be held to account to follow security laws.
  • Obama will be lecturing Trump that a president has to adhere to his oath of office to follow the nation's laws and that there are three branches of government.  He will follow that up with the importance of bipartisanship. 
  • Anthony Weiner will pen an opinion piece about the qualities needed to raise a child. 

Many others can think of other qualified authors for the Washington Post.  All the above articles could be placed on either the front page or the editorial page of the paper.  They are fairly indistinguishable.