Trump to sign executive order on religious freedom today

President Donald Trump will sign one of the most significant and impactful executive orders of his presidency today, as he will make it easier for churches and other religious non-profits to engage in political activity. Even more importantly, the order will allow religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor to choose not to cover abortion services or contraceptives in their Obamacare policies. Washington Times: The order is aimed at easing an IRS provision that prohibits churches from directly opposing or endorsing political candidates. Mr. Trump has been promising to get rid of the measure. The action will direct the IRS to immediately "exercise maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden" of the so-called Johnson amendment, a tax provision dating from 1954. The action also will allow non-profit organizations to deny certain health coverage for religious reasons. It's aimed at protecting Christian groups like Little Sisters...(Read Full Post)