Put Gorka in charge of NPR's patron, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

What's a nice federally funded outfit like National Public Radio doing, spreading slander about White House top terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka with a gushy piece legitimizing the scurrilous reporting of a left-wing rag?

That's what rolled out from the NPR's David Folkenflik this morning, who sent his valentine to the Forward, a nominally Jewish publication with left-wing secular humanist values, read by all of 30,000 subscribers.  The Forward has been involved in a string of now discredited reports that falsely accused Gorka of having Nazi ties.  After the lies were exposed as false by reputable writers such as David Harsanyi, former White House "narrative" spinner and creative writing major Ben Rhodes continued to retweet the libels.  Since then, NPR has picked up the torch and attempted to legitimize the lies further, since, after all, Ben Rhodes said so.  This is how the Deep State works.

There's something very unprofessional about a federally funded entity, like NPR, blithely putting out smears and slanders against a White House official, amplifying the "narrative" of his defeated, embittered political opponents, on the outside and wanting back in, with this kind of tripe.

The smears have gotten so bad that the cave-in crowd at the White House has started throwing out chum to reporters, claiming that Gorka was on his way out of the White House and would be placed in another federal agency.

Oh, really?

Well, here's an agency Dr. Gorka could credibly be placed in as its leader: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds, depending on the report, 1% to 10% of NPR's budget.  The fact that they fight so hard for that supposed 1% and claim that the whole public media system would collapse without these federal funds pretty well tells us it's more than 1%.  The news organ got its federal funding saved in the latest congressional budget and has been known to take millions from George Soros.

With that reality, and with these constant strings of attacks from the Ben Rhodes group of NSC dead-enders, it's time to shove it back in their faces.  Put Sebastian Gorka in charge of the federal funders of NPR: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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