Some future commencement topics for Hillary Clinton

Hillary gave the commencement speech at Wellesley College, where she said how important the truth is and that people shouldn't make up their own facts.  The liberal media are wildly cheering that she is back. She will follow that up with several other topics like: How important it is for government officials to use only secure computers to send and receive classified documents in order to comply with the law. The need to keep all emails and other document records and to turn them over when you resign to comply with the law and so you can promptly comply with the law on FOIA requests. The importance of cooperating with inspectors general because government officials must comply with all laws, not just ones they like. Making sure your staff doesn't get paid by up to three organizations to prevent conflicts of interest.  How to block Russia from getting control of U.S.-produced uranium, especially if your family and related...(Read Full Post)