Katy Perry SEAL smackdown: A turning point on celebrity blather?

It was exactly what you would expect from a formulaic Pop-Tart whose shuddery, over-processed, electronically programmed music pretty well makes her the favorite inflatable blow-up doll of the Hollywood celebrity songster cavalcade.  Addressing this week's nail bomb terrorist attack in Manchester at the concert of another pop star, Breitbart reports that Katy Perry was up to the task:

In an interview Tuesday on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, the "Chained to the Rhythm" singer suggested that people "unite" following the tragedy, which occurred as young fans and their parents were leaving the 21,000-seat arena at around 10:35 p.m. local time.

"Whatever we say behind people's backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other," Perry said, adding, "No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist."


The 32-year-old Perry also gave a group hug to fans in New York City Tuesday as a sign of support for the victims of the attack that occurred at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday evening.

"I love you," Perry said to her fans, reports the Daily Mail. "We're all in this together."

It's the sort of blather that would put a bubble-headed beauty pageant contestant warbling about "world peace" to shame.

But this time, it drew a response – and not from an irate press polemicist, but from someone with the experience to deliver a blow:

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie urged pop singer Katy Perry to try holding a concert in Syria if she wants to "hug it out" with Islamic terrorists.

Higbie, appearing as a guest on Fox News Thursday, said, "Go to hell, Katy Perry. Hold one of your concerts in Syria and see how that goes."

One can just imagine how that would go, all right, given the brouhahas other pop stars have encountered when they have sought to put on their skeevy acts in even moderate Muslim countries such as Malaysia, to take but one example.  Or two.  Or three or four or five.

It had an impact because the Perry statement was so tired and formulaic and predictable – and so out of tune with the anger people are feeling as they see innocent teeny-boppers mowed down in cold blood by another tiresome "loser" as President Trump accurately described the terrorist – with the same old loserliness and the same old response from the authorities that never changes.

The angry words from the morally authoritative Navy SEAL who accurately places the scope of the outrage in its proper context and tells Perry to wise up may mark a turning point, given the impact of the rebuke.  Might this be the end of celebrity opining on things they know nothing about?

They've gotten away with so much for so long, uttering outrageous blather in praise of Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, Julian Assange, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Ed Snowden, and any other dictator or underminer of the America that makes their paychecks and Plutus-style lives possible.  Perhaps taking up the cause of Islamists and the culture that spawns them could be the red line finally crossed.

But in the age of Trump and the frank talk it has ushered in, there's now an opening for an examination of reality.  This, despite Perry's vast influence and Twitter followership (she's number one).  It might just prove a bursting bubble.  As the Navy SEAL puts it:

"These people fundamentally don't understand what's going on here," Higbie continued. "They don't understand any of this – and they don't want to understand, too. And that's why I'm so strong against these celebrities who speak out, saying 'Oh, we can fight this through love, it's not really violent, they don't really mean it.'"

It might just reset the "narrative" that has for too long been dominated by ignorant celebrity Pop-Tarts.

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