President Trump and NATO

We've heard about this for years: our allies are not carrying their share.  I remember when NATO troops went into Afghanistan, but only a few countries were willing to put their soldiers on the battlefield. So it was great to hear a U.S. president tell Europeans, not just the political class in private, that it's time to act and commit 2% of their GDP to defense. President Trump's trip made an impression, as Nile Gardiner wrote:   On this first overseas tour, President Trump certainly made an indelible impression. In the Middle East, traditional allies will feel reassured that the United States stands with them, especially in reining in Iran's nuclear ambitions. In Europe, Trump will probably never be loved, but he is increasingly acknowledged as someone who means business in aggressively advancing US interests, which include strengthening the NATO alliance. In contrast to his predecessor in the White House, President Trump showed no...(Read Full Post)