Free college and indoctrination

Is free college education for all a progressive ploy to enable mass liberal indoctrination of America's youth?

There is a general consensus that a college education is critical to gaining success in today's competitive society.  In past years, a college education was pursued primarily to attain knowledge and expertise in a particular career field.  Today, it offers a plethora of other opportunities.  The modern college student:

  • gains exposure to the future leaders of the free world.  Snowflakes who cringe in safe spaces in response to threatening trigger warnings.  Activists who stifle free speech.  Fascist anarchists who riot and destroy property to silence "right-wing fascism."  All condoned by progressive administrators.
  • is indoctrinated by learned professors into developing a belief system founded in white guilt and American imperialism.
  • incurs a crippling debt burden so that his alma mater can honor generous pension-plan obligations, support affirmative action students, and offer an expanded curriculum to include courses on gender, sexuality, diversity, women's studies, race, and ethnicity.
  • can follow his passion and earn a diploma in a field of study totally out of sync with the needs of the job market, fostering government dependency as he returns home after graduation to "find himself" while covered under the ACA.
  • can benefit from the character-building experience of being accused of rape while not being allowed to defend himself.

Institutes of higher learning have certainly come a long way from their narrow, traditional focus on providing a goal-oriented, affordable education.  It is apparent that all these advances in higher education are a product of left-wing activism designed to market the liberal agenda to future generations.

Free college education for all is a progressive goal, as openly expressed by Bernie Sanders in the presidential campaign.  Its realization would constitute crony capitalism at its finest – i.e., public funding of a private-sector industry operated by loyal disciples of left-wing ideology turning out the mutually desired product: an expanded pool of graduates schooled in the progressive belief system.  Free liberal indoctrination masquerading as free education.  You might object to funding their hidden agenda – but how can anyone object to free universal education?  Speak out against it, and you will be branded a bigoted racist willfully obstructing access of the poor and marginalized to a fundamental human right.  That's enough to justify a riot – and it will be your fault. 

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