Mr. Trump, stop giving the other side extra outs!

Let me be clear that I hate what the Democrats are doing.  They are hanging onto every conspiracy theory and just looking for ways to "resist," as they call it.  Add to this the media, and you have a full blown campaign to delegitimize President Trump. At the same time, President Trump needs to read an article I saw a couple of years ago.  It was shared at a business seminar that I attended.  The context of the segment was "the chaotic manager" and the people who work for him. It was written by Brent Misso, who taught at the University of Wisconsin, Arizona State, and Oregon State and worked in organizational development and training in the tech sector. He could have been doing a segment on President Trump:   Over the years, I have learned from the fire of battle that the idea of a business existing in controlled chaos is nonsense.  It is only chaos that controls a business oriented toward...(Read Full Post)