Why don’t the media give Trump credit for being a family man?

At some point, the hypocrisy of the mainstream media becomes laughable, and you have to simply shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes, and move on.  But every so often, their double standards seem to shine through in glorious fashion.  One small yet interesting area where this has become obvious over the course of the last couple of months is with the Trump family and the president's status as its patriarch.

No Praise for Trump, the Family Man?

Rarely will you hear the mainstream media praise President Trump for anything.  Despite the fact that he's one of the greatest real estate tycoons the country has ever seen, possesses a proficient understanding of how to manage people, and is a master of branding and marketing, you won't hear a positive word out of the mouth of anyone over at CNN, MSNBC, or the Huffington Post.  Despite the fact that he's done more in the last five years than they'll ever do in their entire careers, they prefer to perpetuate the idea that he's a buffoon who stumbled into success.

This completely misguided view of the president is the only answer for why they refuse to acknowledge the fact that Donald Trump is an all-around great family man.

For the past decade, members of the liberal media have called Barack Obama things like a "good dad," "great father and husband," and "true family man."  They talk about his strong relationship with Michelle, the ease with which he fathers two teenage daughters, and the incredible knack he has for creating family time.  And while all of these things are probably true, you could easily replace the former president's name with the current president's name, and you'd have much the same story.

Donald Trump has been married to Melania for 12 years, has five children whom he lovingly dotes on, and has eight precious grandchildren.  People are frequently surprised to learn how close-knit this family really is.  They eat together, share holidays with one another, and prefer to relax in the quiet of their own homes.

Why, then, do the media want to stir up controversy and claim that Donald and Melania are on the ropes, his older children despise him, and he's doing a poor job of raising young Baron?  Since when did disagreeing with someone's policies automatically disqualify him from being a good father, husband, and family man?  Apparently, just now.

Stories about their family values used to be popular.  In 2011, four years before Trump announced his run for the Oval Office, Oprah.com published a long piece about how great a family man the real estate tycoon was.  You'd be hard pressed to find anything like that now.

However, next time a Democrat sits in the Oval Office, you can bet that the media will once again roll out the red carpet and start writing warm feature pieces about how the president is deeply committed to family values – no matter the cost.

News Flash: The Media Are Biased

This is just your daily reminder that the mainstream media pick and choose what they want to discuss.  They can pull levers and push buttons to make their guy look good.  They can then put those same knobs back in place when they no longer benefit their narratives.

If the media don't want to talk about Donald Trump, the family man, that's totally fine.  Quite frankly, there are hundreds of other stories that are more important at the moment.  But by that same token, they need to stop using this as a storyline when their own candidates are in positions of power.

They won't...but it's always nice to dream.