Is another Brazilian president going down?

It's been a year of scandals and more scandals down in Brazil.  As you may a recall, the president reelected in 2012 was recently removed over corruption. It appears that the new guy may be facing a load of problems as well.  Corruption is knocking on his door, too. To make matters more complicated, President Michel Temer ordered troops to put down a protest:    Besieged by protests, Brazil's president on Wednesday deployed federal troops to restore order in the capital, Brasília, after demonstrators calling for his ouster clashed with security forces. Defense Minister Raul Jungmann went on national television on Wednesday afternoon to insist that President Michel Temer was only trying to restore calm in the capital by calling in the troops to patrol some areas. One of the city's iconic modernist buildings, the Agriculture Ministry, was set on fire, and other government buildings were vandalized during the mayhem. Regional...(Read Full Post)