Do Democratic policies cause more deaths?

Democrats are out ripping Trump's budget and the replacement for Obamacare, asserting that these policies will cause people to die.

For years, Democrats have supported policies that force car makers to make smaller and lighter cars.  Many studies have shown what obviously happens: people in small cars are more likely to die than those in larger and heavier cars.  This is just common sense, but Democrats and the media have supported these policies anyway.

We also know from history that the length of human life and quality of life has gone up substantially in the last 150 years, which coincides with increased fossil fuel use.  Democrats know that the average life was around 50 in 1850, and today it is around 80.  Yet Democrats advocate destroying industries that produce fossil fuels.  Do they want to reduce life expectancy?

Fossil fuels are also what allowed people to build water treatment and sewage treatment plants.  It follows that Democrats are working to get rid of fossil fuels because they want dirty water. 

We also know that in the past few years, life expectancy unexpectedly dropped after Obamacare passed, and even with this knowledge of increased deaths, Democrats support continuing this policy.

Did the shock of the higher premiums, higher out-of-pocket expense, cutbacks in hours and jobs, and loss of choice cause people to die younger?

Of course, the media will factually report that it is Democrats who support policies that have caused people to die.

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