Fighting anti-America, anti-Trump Resistance in Montana

Hi, folks.  I've been kind of out of the loop because Mary and I are in the process of moving from Florida to a tiny town in West Virginia to be closer to our parents and family.  We're taking a break from packing to fly to Montana to join the Conservative Campaign Committee team in their quest to defeat extreme liberal Democrat Rob Quist, running for Congress. This guy is yet another vitriolic operative of the left's treasonous anti-America and anti-Trump Resistance.  Quist's agenda is the polar opposite of Trump's agenda to make America great again.  Quist wants to severely cut funding of our military.  He wants government-controlled health care.  He wants new gun control laws.  Quist was a fan of the lawless, disgusting, and obscene Occupy Wall Street movement.  Quist contributed monthly to Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign, which boldly proclaimed Sanders's mission to transform America into a...(Read Full Post)