Durbin says Trump is dangerous and has lost his credibility

Senator Dick Durbin, who never seemed to see anything wrong with what Obama or Hillary did, is now running off his mouth about Trump:

"Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin says President Trump has become a danger to the country and destroyed his credibility in front of the nation and the world."

The Russia-Trump collusion story is a big scam made up to divert attention.  The only laws that appear to be broken are the surveillance of political opponents and the unmasking of private citizens' names, and that was done by the Obama administration, not by Trump.

Everything Trump is doing is to give the power, money, and freedom back to the people, where it belongs.  Nothing Trump has done can be perceived as dangerous.

Some Democrats and some in the media had called for James Comey to be fired until Trump actually fired him.  Then the herd of non-thinkers called Trump "dangerous" when he actually did it.  On a daily basis, the media and Democrats are out to destroy Trump no matter what he does.  They are the ones who are dangerous and have no credibility. 

Giving the power and money back to the people is truly what Durbin, the bureaucrats, the Democrats, and the media are scared of.  They have amassed a massive amount of power in D.C. for themselves, and they can't stand to watch an outsider take it away.  The people and economy would have been in much greater danger if Hillary had won, and we would have continued the rapid descent toward socialism.  The nation has a lot more credibility when we lead from in front versus behind.  It is much smarter, because leading from behind is following.

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