Coming to terms with the creeps in the media

The animus of the Democrats, the MSM, and academia toward president Trump has gone from vicious to insane to just plain creepy.  For example, Fox host Tucker Carlson faced off the other night against former Democrat congressional candidate, MSNBC personality, and impeachment advocate Krystal Ball (yes, that's her real name) here.  The woman's high staccato recitation of Trump's alleged crimes was extremely lucid, well rehearsed, and relentless.  But pressed for proof of these offenses, any sort of proof – eyewitness testimony, recordings, transcripts, a copy of the actual Comey memo – she just flamed in indignation that Tucker wouldn't just accept the word of The New York Times and Washington Post. Think about that: that there are people out there like this woman, and maybe more and more of them every day, and in Congress, too, who intend to overturn an election and topple the leadership of the most powerful country in the world....(Read Full Post)