The left's descent into obscenity

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, the left's descent into madness has taken many forms, none more distasteful than its embrace of profanity and gross scatological references.  The worst in recent days is from Anderson Cooper, who accused Jeffrey Lord of defending Trump "if he took a dump on his desk."  It was Cooper who some years ago infamously used the term "tea-bagger" to demean the Tea Party.  He thought nothing of using a gay slur to insult citizens who favor smaller government and lower taxes. 

CNN is most likely proud of itself.  But it's hardly alone.

Thomas Perez, the new head of the Democratic National Committee, is proud of his calculated use of profanity.  His party's base likes it, and the Democrats always play to the basest of the base.  They even poll and focus-group their use of profanity!  The base says yes!  So they amp it up. 

And who watches the profanity-laced late-night comics?  SNL?  The View?  MSNBC?  Leftists, whose angry intolerance of the slightest hint of an opposing view is legendary.  Who but the most mind-numbed and ill-informed among us would listen to Lawrence O'Donnell?  Whoopie Goldberg?  Jimmy Kimmel?  Bill Maher?

Only persons as filled with hate and prejudice as each of those people.  Each of these celebrities uses his fame to peddle his personal anti-American vitriol.  These people know what they know only from the headlines at the New York Times, the Washington Post, and late-night comedy itself. 

These fans pay attention to what they say, no matter how ridiculous and foolish.  Most of these scalawags know nothing of American history, the Constitution, or the law.  They think they do, but they do not.  House minority leader Nancy Pelosi believes herself to be a smart woman, as does Rep. Maxine Waters.  But they reveal their ignorance every time they open their mouths to speak.  Their accidental gamble is that all of us are even more ignorant than they are.  They take it on faith that none of us is really paying attention, and we have not been taught that scatological profanity is rude and uncivil.  It demeans us all.  They are counting on the "fact" that we all embrace their descent into wholesale indignity and cultural blight.

The results can be seen if you just walk around any American college campus.  A differing view on any issue will send a college snowflake to a safe space to cuddle with stuffed animals and color in or outside the lines.

As many sentient writers have observed, America is indeed at a crossroads, embroiled in a cultural civil war.  The left, as it has since the 1960s, yearns for an America without Judeo-Christian values.  Leftists are so opposed to Christianity that they defend radical Islam, no matter how barbaric.  The American left has worked tirelessly for an almost dystopian America, a country without cultural norms having anything to do with propriety.  They envision a fascist America in which only they determine which words and thoughts are permissible and which are proscribed.  They are intent on dumbing down American discourse, and on that score, they have wildly succeeded.  Anderson Cooper is their favorite son, a sign of their success: rich, famous, gay, and profane.  He's a leading light.

Despite its good ratings, this is likely why ABC's Last Man Standing had to go.  The Hollywood left could no longer abide a hit show that demonstrated traditional values.  Two-parent, intact family?  No gay or transgender child or character?  A lead who is conservative?  Had to go.  Ratings be damned.  So what if all the people who have worked on that show lose their jobs?  Or that the show is popular?  Leftism rules.

It is impossible to protect young people from the weaponized, sexualized, degraded entertainment industry, which has, of course, infected the culture at every level, beginning at kindergarten.  Unless we cut our children off completely from the world at large, they will be exposed to filth like what Anderson Cooper felt compelled to utter, with no insult to Trump too vulgar to be unacceptable.

Is there a solution?  A counteraction?  Turn off CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., and don't let the likes of Anderson Cooper and his like-minded leftist infect your home.

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