Wish fulfillment vs. reality

In his May 8  New York Times column, Charles M. Blow (who prides himself on his loathing for President Trump) asserted that "[t]he obscene spectacle of House Republicans" celebrating approval of the American Health Care Act in the White House Rose Garden, last week, "may well" represent a Republican "death wish."  It should be noted, however, that for more than four years, Mr. Blow has been predicting horrible things for Republicans.  His February 9, 2013 column, "Suicide Conservatives," for example, charged that "zealots" control the GOP and are "sucking the life – and common sense – out of it."  The column ended with the Blow observation: "For this brand of Republican, there is victory in self-righteous defeat." I found no mention in the May 8 column of the GOP's gains – in Congress, in the White House, and...(Read Full Post)