Three who kept the communists at bay in popular culture

When I was young, there were three people of import who held me spellbound when they spoke: William F. Buckley, Jr.; Reverend Billy Graham; and Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Each one of them seemed to hold within himself a palpable, direct line to God.  Each one taught lessons that left you leaning back in your chair, contemplating some great life-changing concept that often evoked an epiphany.  To top things off, each one spoke with such authority, held such charisma, and exuded such a vibrant personality that nary anyone that drew breath could ignore him. Recently, I had occasion to recall Bishop Sheen with my friend Sr. Mary.  Though I grew up Protestant (and still am), there was always silence in my house when Sheen's television show, Life is Worth Living, came on.  It is estimated that his show, which originally ran opposite Milton Berle (then known as "Mr. Television" because of his enormous popularity) on Tuesday...(Read Full Post)