The positive accomplishments of Trump

Consumer confidence is at a 16-year high.  Small business confidence is at a twelve-year high.  Business confidence on the whole is surging since the election. 

Trump has surrounded himself with a large number of people who were very successful in the private sector.  President Obama had few top advisers who got their experience in the private sector.  According to Politifact, only 8% of Obama's Cabinet had private-sector experience. 

Trump has met with multiple industry groups, union leaders, black ministers, etc.  Many of these people and groups actively opposed Trump in the election, but he appears willing to meet anybody.  Most of the public reaction from the attendees is overwhelmingly positive, but we rarely see any significant reports on the meetings on the nightly news or in newspapers.  One can only imagine the coverage if people were trashing Trump after the meetings. 

The public would be hard pressed to find positive stories on Trump's first 75 days.

What we get instead of positive stories is Russia all the time.  The Obama administration essentially started the leaks before the election about Trump collusion, and the media and Democrats have run with it.  Adam Schiff especially likes to spread rumors instead of facts, and the media treat him like an objective congressman. 

We have been told that Russia has tried to meddle in elections for a long time, so why haven't the Democrats and the media had stories and investigations before now? 

FBI director Comey wanted to denounce Russia meddling in 2013, but Obama stopped it.  Why?  We have repeatedly been told that the FBI, Justice Department, and IRS are independent, and that Obama didn't interfere with their operations.  He obviously did exercise considerable control. 

We have seventeen intelligence agencies, many of which are monitoring Russian contacts with Americans, and yet not one story has appeared relating to Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Podesta or anyone surrounding them.  There are only stories involving Trump.  Why no leaks or stories involving other people? 

recent AP story asserts that Roger Claar, the mayor of Bolingbrook, Illinois, is having trouble because he backed Trump.  Democrats lost over 1,000 seats since 2010.  How many front-page stories point out their losses because they backed Obama and his policies?

President Trump is doing many things to give power and money back to individuals and businesses throughout the United States.  He is an outsider, and politicians from both parties, along with seasoned bureaucrats and lobbyists, are fighting him every step of the way because they want to protect their power and riches.  Instead of the media holding the powerful's feet to the fire, they are supporting these people every day by trying to destroy Trump. 

Our freedoms are at stake, and Trump must succeed for them to be maintained.  It would help if the media were more balanced. 

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