Liberals, Scientism, and the Politics of Pleasure

Behold the anthem of modern liberalism.  (Though you've probably already seen it, WARNING: vulgar and insanely stupid.  After viewing, you'll probably want to shower, pray, and spend some time with a Rubik's Cube.) So I now know who Rachel Bloom is.  I can't imagine a worse introduction.  As a result of this sorry, sad, sick episode (everyone involved should be forced to turn in any degrees or diplomas he possesses), this video, Nye, and Bloom have all been thoroughly – and deservedly – ridiculed.  That's what happens when one surrenders three whole minutes of a television program – that is supposedly devoted to "exploring scientific issues" – to a segment that appears to have been written, produced, and choreographed by delinquent 12-year-olds.  (Please tell me they are the only ones who will do that.) Equally shameful were the recent actions of a Philadelphia public high school assistant...(Read Full Post)