Fraud in Ecuador? Very likely – and Assange is snickering

Defying a strong wave of conservative electoral victories throughout the region, Ecuador's election declared left-wing Lenin (yes, Lenin) Moreno the winner over his more conservative rival, Guillermo Lasso.  This, despite a shriveling economy and a big oil bust that has deprived government coffers of money. Sure, you can just dismiss it as "Ecuadoreans are stupid" and "people get the government they deserve."  You can even add "keep the illegals out." But in this case, the argument for naked leftist fraud is fairly strong. The Washington Post has a first-rate report showing several details about how bad it was: With more than 97 percent of voting acts counted, Moreno garnered 51 percent of the vote while conservative banker Guillermo Lasso stood at just under 49 percent. A difference of about 224,000 votes separated the two candidates with a smaller number of ballots still left to...(Read Full Post)