Gloria Allred claims she is the victim of a ‘shake-down’

Gloria Allred has attained notoriety as an aggressive lawyer who represents purported victims and often obtains large settlements for them from wealthy parties.  Right now, she is representing women who claim that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them.  Wikipedia’s article on her names a few of the famous cases she has handled (citations omitted):

In a legal career that has spanned four decades, Allred has represented a wide variety of clients in civil rights suits that have involved sexual harassmentwomen's rightswrongful termination, and employment discriminationThe New Republic has called her "a longtime master of the press conference." She often takes high-profile cases, using press conferences and appearances on television to much effect. Allred has represented many clients in suits against celebrities, including those against Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy LeeArnold SchwarzeneggerHerman CainDavid BoreanazScott Lee CohenAnthony WeinerSacha Baron Cohen, and Esai Morales.

But now the red pump is on the other foot.  LawNewz reports:

In the wake of news that she’s under investigation by the California State Bar, famed attorney Gloria Allred shot back in a short, punchy statement. But so did a former client.

On Friday, confirmed that the State bar of California is investigating after receiving a complaint about possible professional misconduct. This is still a developing story, the exact allegation remains unknown, and no disciplinary charges haven’t even been filed. .

Allred, for her part, alleges that a former client tried to shake her down for more money. Not only that, but she claimed Friday that the state bar didn’t tell her about the investigation. Here’s the full statement, obtained by

Someone has attempted to shake me down by threatening to report me to the State Bar unless I paid him a large sum of money. I have refused to pay this individual any amount of money. I will not be threatened or bullied by false accusations.

The State Bar is required to notify lawyers in the event of any investigation. We have not been notified by the State Bar of any complaint or any investigation.

I have a spotless record with the State Bar in the more than 40 years that I have been an attorney. I have no intention of allowing anyone to harm my reputation by making allegations against me which have no merit.

I have no way of knowing the merits of the case at hand.  But Allred, who has become wealthy and famous by suing the wealthy and famous, may be seeing the judicial process in a new light.