The Democrats' raw hypocrisy on Nunes, Trump, and the Russians

Democrats have cranked up their media machine to pressure House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes to "recuse" himself from any part of their addled "Trump-colluded-with-the-Russkis" narrative by claiming he's too close Trump to be impartial.

It's crap.  It looks like the slimy hand of Ben Rhodes, manipulating his congressional puppets in a new creative writing spree to advance leftist power after the voters rejected Democrats at the polls.

More to the point, it's hypocrisy.

These are the self-same Democrats who had no problem with President Obama refusing to appoint a special prosecutor after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to discuss, oh, maybe Hillary Clinton's illegal private server in some guy's bathroom, shortly before her boy, James Comey, inexplicably exonerated her?  These are the same Democrats who had no problem with hard, cold IRS commissar Lois Lerner targeting dissidents, using the power of government to intimidate and repress Tea Party groups based on their political orientation?  These people could not care less about impartiality or fairness.

What's going on here is that they got themselves a skin in pressuring Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself in any DOJ investigation of the Russians for merely having a legal sideline conversation with the Russian ambassador at a public event, placing it in the hands of a partisan Obama loyalist instead, who will find whatever the left wants found.  Now they want to use the same tactic to neutralize Nunes.

Nunes, who is one of the most ethical, decent, honest members of Congress, has done absolutely nothing wrong in consulting with the president on his findings and keeping Congress informed.  Yet Democrats keep saying that since he is friendly with President Trump – a member of his own party, note – somehow he's ethically tainted.  It's tantamount to abusing Sessions for – horrors! – talking with a Russian!

The only reason they have any traction at all is that they know that Nunes is ethical.  Were he as dirty-filthy as many machine Democrats, they understand perfectly that the charges would roll like water off a duck's back.

Here's the big problem: There's no evidence that Trump collaborated with the Russians.  I know Russian officials and media players. I can say firsthand that they complained all summer about having no contacts in the Trump camp and nobody there returning their phone calls.  Not one got any cooperation from the Trump camp, not even on boring innocuous press release-type stuff, let alone juicy interviews or, most important, collusion.  Have Democrats thought to ask any Russians what dealing with Trump's campaign was like?  Of course not – it wouldn't fit their "narrative."

Here's the other thing: Nunes and his staff are hard-nosed, zero-illusions, tough-on-Russians Republicans.  Don't believe me?  Believe the Washington Post, which has the only reporting on the issue that has come out at all about it.  The Nunes camp is very suspicious of the Russians.  If the Russians were doing anything untoward, they'd be all over it, because that's where their bias lies.  Democrats, by contrast, have been in bed with the Russians for years – just take a look at John Podesta, his brother Tony, and Hillary Clinton.

So to claim that Nunes is soft on Trump (merely for having a good working relationship with his party leader) or, even more ridiculously, soft on the Russians makes zero sense, particularly from the party of Ted Kennedy the KGB agent and all the dewy-eyed worshipers of Soviet and Russian pawns such as Cuba and Venezuela.

What's going on here is that Nunes is not producing the narrative Ben Rhodes and all his Obamaton Deep-State and congressional minions long for, and they want him gone.  They want him to say Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, or else they want to topple him.

Nunes should hang tough and ignore this dishonest media and partisan hive.  This isn't about truth.  This is about taking power.

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