Terrorist's wife expects privacy

Memo to Britain: You've got bad manners.  Bad form.  No class.

At least, that's what the London terrorist's moll, or wife, or whatever would have us believe...you know, given her claimed right to 'privacy.'

I am saddened and shocked by what Khalid has done. I totally condemn his actions.

I express my condolences to the families of the victims that have died, and wish a speedy recovery to all the injured.

I would like to request privacy for our family, especially the children, at this difficult time.

Yeah, yeah, the pro forma "condolences" and "condemnations" sound a lot like the condolences and condemnations that came out of the mouths of all the other terrorist wives with terrorist husbands.  These burkaed babes are all "shocked, shocked."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that the last part of that statement, the "request privacy for our family, especially the children, at this difficult time."

Bringing up "the chillldrrrrrren" is an old manipulation to tug at the heartstrings...so touching!

But the bulk of these "lone wolf" terrorist events have always had the full backing of the Little Woman, in fact.  They did in Orlando, where the shooter's wife keeps slipping from the accountability of the authorities, and they certainly did in San Bernardino, where the His 'n' Hers terror team shot up a government lunchroom Christmas party and a lot of other places in California.  The Boston Bomber had the Little Woman's backing, too.

That someone could claim a "right to privacy" when every other terrorist wife has been caught enabling her vile husband can only be a plea for avoidance of legal scrutiny.  Are the kids dancing in the streets over Pop's killing spree?  If it's at that level, don't tell us about privacy; the public has a right to know what kind of talk went on in that home.  Did the wife give her full backing to hubby's murder impulses on the West?  That too needs to be known – and prosecuted.  Too many of these killers' wives have proven themselves loyal partners in crime for all these terror sprees.

Behind every great man, there is a woman, and behind every dirtbag terrorist, there seems to be an equally appalling woman whose barbarism is later called to escape accountability by appealing to the niceties and good manners of the very civilized that they too would gladly kill.